Sunday, September 2, 2012


In my house birthdays are treated the same as holidays...and while I may want to skip my "holiday" this year (when you're in late twenties, birthdays just aren't as fun), my son's birthday is a big celebration! I found this really cute idea for a decoration that I could display for the whole month. 

*Straw wreath (leave plastic wrapping saves you from making a mess and helps the pins stay in place)
*Floral pins (several one for each balloon)
*Latex balloons (1"-2" balloons  You need A LOT. I used around 300)

Take one floral pin and one balloon, place pin across the center of balloon (don't put through balloon). Then stick pin into wreath, push in tight, The pin should make the balloon fold in half. Continue with the rest of the balloons, making sure you place them close together so there are not "bald" spots. 

The finished wreath should look full. I only applied balloons to the front and outer/inner sides of the wreath. The back of the wreath should be bare so it lies flat against the door.
The great thing about this wreath is that it can be made with multi-colored balloons for a birthday wreath. Or you can select just a few colors like powder blue and white for a baby shower. I am in love with this wreath!

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