Thursday, September 12, 2013


It may sound cliché but it really does seem like just yesterday that I was sitting down to blog about Colton's 2nd birthday party. And now here it is....a year later and I can honestly say that this slippery slope that we are on taking him from baby to teenager needs to slow down! It seems like my little guy was just barely making sense with his 2 year old chatter....and now here he is talking non-stop about everything under the sun! And it's leaving this mommy with a serious case of "where did my little tiny baby go?!"

Colton and his cousins. He didn't want to stand still
long enough to let us get a good picture!

This year planning Colton's birthday party was a little different. I was able to ask him what kind of party he wanted and while he didn't really understand at first what I was asking, when I gave him the option of Mickey Mouse, Dinosaur Train, Jake the Neverland Pirates, and Cat in the Hat, he immediately chose Mickey! I can't say that I was surprised, lately we've been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathons (thanks to our DVR)! If I have to dance to the Hot Dog Dance one more time I think I'll scream! But nevertheless, I knew the next few weeks would be Mickey overload.  But I was ready for it!

Just like the last two years, I was determined not to succumb to the urge of just heading off to Party City and buying up everything they had that was Mickey Mouse related.  Instead I kept with my usual desire to make a lot of my decorations, adding a personal feel to his party.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with all the store bought party supplies.  I just love the idea of having guests say "ooh that's so cute, where did you get that?" and being able to say that I made it!

This year unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures myself, and had to rely on compiling ones from several of our guests. Many of my cute decorations never got photographed, which I'm just sick over. But luckily, some were captured and I am excited to share!

Keeping with the same idea as the last two years, I chose solid color tablecloths for guest tables and character ones for the present and cake tables.  This makes those tables (cake/presents) the focal point of the party.  I placed all the balloons there as well, as a way to draw eyes to that area. With a focal point, everything looks more organized and put together.

I tried to keep the color scheme of the party to red and black (with some yellow thrown in); red and black balloons and tablecloths for guest tables. On each of the guest tables as well as near the cake, I had these centerpieces (below).
The centerpieces I made from simple balloon table weights from Party City.  I purchased them in red, black, and gold.  All I did was attach the Mickey (and friends) faces and the number "3" to some of the branches with hot glue.  For the faces and the numbers, I just printed out the images on cardstock, mounted them on another color cardstock and laminated them.  They were incredibly simple to make and turned out super cute.  (The picture doesn't do them justice). Also in the picture, is a MICKEY MOUSE SUBWAY ART, that I created specifically for my son's party.  I created this in Microsoft Word using multiple fonts and images.  It took a little time to create, but looked so adorable next to the cake, which I was somewhat disappointed in.
When I initially ordered my son's birthday cake, the design looked really cute and bright in the book.  The day of the party however, I went to pick it up and have to admit that I was not excited about how it turned out.  Unfortunately, the party was starting in less than two hours and I had lots of other stops to make.  The best part about the cake is that my son thought it was cute and enjoys playing with the toy car that was on top.

Next to the cake I placed the children's favor bags as well as some other treats that went with the Mickey Mouse party theme. 
I made these MICKEY MOUSE HEAD CUPCAKES for the kids, or whoever wanted one, because lets be honest.....who doesn't love chocolate on top of chocolate, on top of chocolate!! To find out how I made these super cute cupcakes, click HERE.

There were also two candy treats made by an Aunt of mine who is super creative. CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRY MICE and CANDY BAR BEAR CARS. They were almost too cute to eat! To find out how to make these treats, click HERE.

And finally, the project I was most proud homemade MICKEY MOUSE PINATA!  I searched for Mickey piñatas in the store and could not find one that I really liked. So I thought to myself that if I can make most of the other decorations, then I could positively make a piñata.  I can't tell you how many compliments I got on this!

To see my tutorial on how I made the MICKEY MOUSE PINATA click HERE!  It turned out so nice that I almost didn't want to let the kids destroy it. And I have to admit that I felt a bit nauseous with that first hit! But all the kids loved it and of course they loved what fell out of it! 
Colton getting ready to take his first swing!
Some of the kid's diving into all the goodies!

I was so happy that Colton's party turned out so nice, and the best part was that he had a blast. He talked about it for days afterwards.  There is nothing I like more than to see the look of excitement on my son's face. It makes all the hard work incredibly worth it! Now I just have to try and slow time down a bit so that I don't blink and it's his 4th birthday!


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  2. Oh my goodness, Colton's Mickey Mouse party looks outstanding. The arrangements are done very nicely. Keep sharing such ideas here. At one of the local venues in Chicago we are planning the Frozen themed bash for our little girl. If you have some ideas, please let me know.